Dariusz Wieczorek


el profesor 1


Strange things happen to me. Three land registers and two owners for one property, two different successions from one person, two fathers, three grandfathers.

After each of these cases I claimed that nothing could surprise me more, and yet something even stranger came along.

Over 20 years of professional experience in real estate, active participation in many investment processes in residential and commercial construction, allows me to find solutions to the most complex problems.

My knowledge of surveying and architectural documentation requirements as well as my ability to cost estimate construction works is an additional asset.

The ease with which I work with numbers and fractions also means that intricate inheritance and partition matters will no longer be impossible to deal with.

Numbers also mean issues connected with bankruptcy proceedings of entrepreneurs – their knowledge makes it easier to get through complicated procedures.

Finally, numbers are also credit agreements, including “franking credits” and ways to challenge them.

Outside work, my interests orbit around the history of political and military strategy and applied arts of the first half of the 20th century.