JCZ Kancelaria carried out a capital increase of PLN 40 million


One of JCZ Kancelaria’s key clients decided to carry out a debt-to-equity swap while establishing a registered pledge on the shares.

A subsidiary of an international holding company based in Amsterdam took out loans totalling PLN 40 million from its parent company in the course of its business.

In order to stabilise the financial situation, a decision was taken to convert the receivables into share capital.

The increased share capital of the company was covered with a contribution in kind in the form of receivables.

This operation was connected with the establishment of a registered pledge on shares with an option allowing the pledgee to exercise voting rights.

All documents and activities, including the registration of both the share capital increase and the pledge, were carried out by JCZ Kancelaria.

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JCZ Law Firm plays with CHF and wins

JCZ Law Firm plays with CHF and wins
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