Unfair competition

Databases, prices, strategies, business relationships – it’s worth protecting

You are building a business. It consists of your sacrifices and dedication. You create it thanks to your work, contacts and knowledge – thanks to your original ideas and unobvious solutions. Your knowledge is capital that cannot be valued. Do you want to give it away to your competitors, or do you want to protect it?

What we offer

Confidentiality agreements, are non-compete agreements that are individually tailored to your needs.

What do you gain?

The certainty that your secrets, methods, prices, databases of contractors will remain safe.

We protect what is most valuable to every company – strategies, know-how, ideas for development and expansion.


  • non-competition agreements adapted to the specifics of the company,
  • confidentiality agreements,
  • due diligence of existing and potential risks of breaching company secrecy,
  • claiming damages from those who have breached confidentiality standards.

Talk to the expert

Andrzej Jakubowski

legal adviser, managing partner

ajakubowski@jczkancelaria.pl +48 792772210