TSL company audit

An efficient company is not only about management and employees, but also about best practices and appropriate standards

Adapting your “paperwork” and procedures to the very specific regulations of the transport industry is the key to operating safely and comfortably.

What we offer

Streamlining and securing the operation of your business is based on creating documentation and procedures that will always protect you in future crises.

What do you gain?

Know-how is based on a combination of knowledge of legal regulations specific to transport and practical knowledge of the specificity of functioning of TSL companies. We implement good and proven ideas.


  • analysis of processes and documentation,
  • adaptation of T&Cs, other templates,
  • adaptation of transport and forwarding orders,
  • standardisation of documentation,
  • verification of OCS, OCP,
  • standards for selection of subcontractors,
  • implementation of good transport practices.

Talk to the expert

Andrzej Jakubowski

legal adviser, managing partner

ajakubowski@jczkancelaria.pl +48 792772210