Registration of companies

Forms, templates, declarations, KRS, GUS, ZUS, US, time …

Since the beginning of our activity we have registered over 1000 companies. First in RHB, later in KRS, electronically, on paper, however our clients wished. Our knowledge and experience allow us to shorten the time of obtaining an entry in the National Court Register from standard months to a maximum of several weeks or even days.

What we offer

KRS, changes in an already registered company? Supposedly simple – as practice shows – not really.

What do you gain?

Full service of the registration process of any company and changes in the entry of an already registered company.

We control the registration process from beginning to end. We guarantee a positive outcome in a much shorter time than the average 3-month waiting period for an entry.


  • preparation of forms and necessary annexes,
  • registering companies via the Internet,
  • monitoring of submitted applications,
  • virtual office – making our address available together with mail handling.