Pre-trial analysis

Would you like to play a game of chess while completely unprepared?

The only logical answer to the above question is – not. Litigation is a chess game, and we will play it perfectly.

What we offer

Identifying the components of your case, documents, talking to you. Identifying the risks and chances of winning.

What do you gain?

The support of legal advisers and experts in various fields who are members of our team. The cases we win are the result of proper preparation of the strategy and an unconventional approach.


  • assessment of the facts and available documentation,
  • identification of risks and preliminary assessment of chances of success,
  • development of a procedural concept and selection of an optimum strategy,
  • analysis of case practice and case law.

Talk to the expert

Katarzyna Bakuła

senior lawyer, managing partner +48 530774189

Talk to the expert

Andrzej Jakubowski

legal adviser, managing partner +48 792772210