Patients’ claims

Any interference with a living organism carries risks – unfortunately, not everyone knows this

Over 90% effectiveness in defending our clients. The courtroom, witness interviews, expert witnesses – we are in our element. We find every inaccuracy, every mistake and exploit them.

What we offer

The guarantee that your case will be handled by an experienced team. The product is aimed at public and non-public healthcare institutions.

What do you gain?

Holy peace of mind, something that no money can buy. We deal with the contact with the insurer, and we handle cases before the court or before the Voivodship Commission for Adjudication of Medical Incidents from the beginning to the end, through all instances.


  • correspondence with the patient,
  • correspondence with the insurer,
  • analysis of medical records,
  • cooperation with specialists,
  • representation before the Voivodship Commission for Adjudication of Medical Incidents,
  • representation before courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court.

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