Liability of the board

Company creditors and management board members – conflicting interests …

Serving on the board is not only prestigious, but above all, it is a huge responsibility. If enforcement against the assets of a limited liability company turns out to be ineffective, we will lead to the enforcement of claims against the private assets of management board members. We also know how to minimise the risk and secure your private assets.

What we offer

Analysis of the fulfilment of positive prerequisites to assert claims against management board members and defence against such claims.

What do you gain?

Acknowledgement of the liability of the management board member before the court, thanks to which, subsequently, we enforce the debt.

Defence of management board members against creditors’ claims. We will advise you on how not to jeopardise your private assets and we will present and implement practical and proven methods.


  • analysing the risks related to D&O liability, including in the context of the statute of limitations,
  • obtaining information identifying those responsible,
  • representation of creditors and enforcement of claims,
  • comprehensive strategy and proven ways to protect directors’ assets.

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