Games, programmes, apps

Games, software and applications are a set of elements, each of which is subject to separate legal regulation

Each of the computer programs (games, applications, websites, etc.) is subject to separate legal regulation.
Do you program, code or sell through created applications? We will help you safely achieve the intended result.

What we offer

Legal support at every stage of your business. Issues related to copyright protection of elements of the products you create.

What do you gain?

Implementation, maintenance, sales, regulations and everything else related to monetizing your product.


  • contracts for the development of mobile applications, software and games,
  • accompanying agreements,
  • regulations and policies adopted to the legal conditions and requirements of Google Play Store and AppStore,
  • Agile, EULA, SaaS,
  • copyright protection (NDA),
  • the organisation of activities on Allegro, Facebook and YouTube.

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Talk to the expert

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