Legitim – how to deal with this?


In accordance with the decision of the members of our group on FB – you are welcome to join – today I explain what to eat a retainer with. Listen to the end – I give a practical example of the calculation.

In this episode I talk about, among other things:

  • what is a legitim?
  • who is entitled to a legitim?
  • statutory inheritance vs. legitim
  • what is the amount of the legitim and how to calculate it?
  • when is it possible to claim a leitim and in what amount?
  • what is the substratum of the legitim?
  • what is a claim for a legitim and when is it statute-barred?
  • how to claim a legitim?

We explain everything in our free eBook. There will be no traditional entry – the podcast and eBook remain.

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